Community Guidelines

As Amended June 23rd, 2016

Toke With has a simple mission to connect the cannabis community in real time, through the use of live video. We are committed to creating a safe place for members of the cannabis community to connect in real time. Through cannabis-centric content, our diverse users are brought together from all over the world by their shared affinity for cannabis and its plethora of positive applications.

Toke With is fundamentally a creative space, and our intention is for our users to consistently push the boundaries or expression while using our platform. The incredible power of creative expression is one that should be given near-total freedom.

However, in order for all of our users and content creators to feel respected.

ome network guidelines have been put in place to ensure a harmonious experience for all members of the community. These guidelines fall under two categories; compliance with the law and respect for your fellow Toke With users. They outline the expectations for community members as well as provide the steps to reporting any behavior which does not honor said guidelines.
Toke With, in its sole discretion, may remove any content from the network at any given time without warning. Any and all content which violates these guidelines, or one of our central values could result in the removal of the account which said content was posted from.

Compliance with the Laws
We are not law-breakers. We are cannabis users and empathizers empowering each other to achieve incredible things creatively, intellectually, economically, and spiritually. It will come as no surprise that obedience of any and all laws while using our platform is tantamount to our success as a community. Users must follow the law that pertains to the current state or province which they reside in. Due to Toke With’s close association with cannabis, users must:

  1. Live in a Medical Marijuana Approved, or Recreationally Approved State
  2. Be at least 18 years of age to join.
  3. Refrain from buying, selling or trading cannabis or cannabis infused products without the proper licensing as it is illegal and is not supported or tolerated by Toke With.
  4. Never post statuses, images, videos or comments depicting or referencing illegal drugs or prostitution, as this is considered restricted content and warrants immediate removal from the network.
  5. Smoking within closed quarters in the presence of a minor, or in the presence of a non-certified medical marijuana patient (in applicable states), is a direct violation of both state and federal laws, and will result in immediate removal from the Toke With community.
  6. All parties who consume cannabis in any form on the Toke With platform must be within his or her rights as a recreational or medical marijuana patient.
  7. All users who fail to comply with the law will be removed from the community.

Respect Your Fellow Tokers:
We are all part of the same community. Please do unto your fellow tokers as you would like done unto you. Respect is a vital aspect of a thriving social ecosystem. We aim to foster a diverse landscape of perspectives, free from fear of bullying or malicious targeting. Threatening others with intimidation or violence, or posting content which targets individuals or groups with intent to shame, degrade, or vilify them is strictly prohibited. Any and all reported content may be investigated by the Toke With support team. Toke With will attempt to take all sides of a disagreement into consideration before coming to a conclusion wherever possible. The decision is to be made by the support team alone and all decisions are final unless and until further consideration. The following rules help ensure that a respectful community environment is upheld;

A. Be Tolerant
Toke With is tolerant of people of all backgrounds & identities. No user should feel excluded due to their race, ethnicity, culture, color, immigration status, social and economic class, education level, mental capacity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, political belief, religion or physical ability.

B. Be Constructive
When dealing with conflict which has no clear solution, please refrain from engaging. Move past the dispute by either blocking the user, and/or, if they are breaking Toke With Community Guidelines, reporting the user to our support team. You can do this in-app or by emailing

C. Post Your Own Content
Content posted to your profile must be original, authentic and owned by you. It may not contain images you have accumulated from the Internet. Users own their content through intellectual property rights; the exclusive rights given to an individual over the creations of their minds, and therefore reposting others as your own is against our policy.

D. Be Appropriate
Although this community is a 420-friendly one, not every post must be about cannabis. Do not talk down to those simply sharing their day-to-day experiences and opinions. Nudity, pornography, prescription drugs, weapons, promoting violence, gruesome or graphic images, and harsh or offensive language are not appropriate content to post to the network. Please use good common sense judgment and remember that we have discretion in determining what is or isn’t appropriate so you can always just ask or report something if you aren’t sure.

E. Fake Profiles and User Impersonation are Strictly Prohibited.
We take this very seriously. If someone is pretending to be you, simply upload an image of your ID and send it to along with your username and the username of the impersonator. The user will be removed and banned from the network. If you are found to be impersonating someone and/or using a fake profile we will remove and ban you from our network and consider pursuing any and all appropriate legal action against you.

F. No Spam, It Ruins Everything
Spamming, sending the same or similarly worded message indiscriminately to a large number of recipients for marketing or promotional purposes, is strictly prohibited on the Toke With network. Less is more when it comes to spam. To report spam see directions below. If you are found to be in violation of this section we will remove and ban you from our network and consider pursuing any and all appropriate legal action against you.

Help us keep the community strong by reporting violations!
Keeping restricted content off Toke With is pertinent to sustaining a healthy community. The Toke With support team is committed to reviewing reported content and works diligently to remove anything illegal, discriminatory, harmful or offensive daily. If you witness a fellow user failing to follow Toke With Community Guidelines, it is your duty, as a community member, to bring it to the attention of the Support Team. In the event that you come across a post which does not interest you but does not violate our guidelines, you have the option to unfollow or block the user posting said content. (To block users, see directions below)
To Report General Harassment, Restricted Content, Spam, or a User that has violated Toke With Community Guidelines...

Report them directly in app with the 'report feature' or please email:

Be sure to include...

  1. Your Username
  2. The Username of the harasser or offender
  3. A brief description of what he/she has done or said that you believe falls under the category of harassment. (Screenshots are helpful here)

Diversity Statement
Toke With encourages everyone, who is of age, currently residing in a Medical Marijuana Approved State and in possession of a Medical Marijuana license, to join our network. Every user is entitled to the same due process rights. If any of our community members have been insulted, offended, or harassed, Toke With’s Support Team will take into consideration both sides of the conflict before coming to a conclusion that will better the community as a whole.

We respect diversity in all ethnicities; race; socioeconomic status; gender; exceptionalities; language; religion; sexual orientation; technical ability, profession; identity or expression of, culture, national origin, age, profession and political beliefs.
These guidelines are by no means comprehensive, and we will approach each situation on a case-by-case basis. They are simply a way in which we can all help provide a pleasant experience for all, conducive to making healthy relationships and sharing the plethora of cannabis knowledge the world has to offer.

If you have any remaining questions, please refer to our Terms of Use or email our Support Team at

Thank you for helping us build trust and respect within our community. Caring for the greater good will allow our community to truly prosper in the way it deserves.


Team Toke With